5 free tips to lose weight ( update regarding coronavirus)

“Having a BMI of 35 to 40 may increase the risk of death from covid-19 by 40%, while a BMI of over 40 could increase the risk by 90%, says a Public Health England report.”

This kind of sentence is not at all reassuring when you feel concerned. At the beginning of the pandemic, one of my clients was scared to leave her house because she knew that if she caught the coronavirus, she would have a hard time getting out. She wasn’t the only one who was afraid.

On social networks, I saw more and more posts from people who were anxious about being infected by Covid-19 because of their physical condition. Today, I would like to tell you what I encouraged them to do.
If you are overweight and anxious at the idea of being infested by the covid-19, here, five tips that will help you improve your diet.

First of all, I understand your fears. But I would like to tell you one thing. It is not the time to remind you of your BMI. When you have weight issues and feel bad about yourself, you are already aware of how much it hurts you daily.

It is not the time to add stress and frustration, as this will weaken your immune system.

So, naturally, the most important thing is to strictly follow the barrier gestures.

Ask your doctor for advice, explaining your situation and your fears about your condition. You can ask for a health check-up to verify your nutritional deficiencies.
Then, take care of yourself. There is no cure for this virus at the moment. But stress doesn’t help, so learn to relax.

1- Make peace with your past.

It’s often hard to look at your past and your pain and realize that it has a real impact on your present life.
This said, what can you do?
Start by healing yourself internally. We have wounds from the past to heal. The more you realize how your past affects your present, the better you will regain control over yourself.

Learn to love the child inside you. Imagine for a second having a child to look after. If you don’t like this boy or girl, you will do the minimum and take no pleasure in spending time or interacting with him or her. This child has a great chance to internalize this negativity.

At the contrary, if you love this child, you will do a lot of activities with him, make him smile, and teach him a lot of things. With you, he will grow up a little bit more. He or She will change positively.
Well, you have a child inside of you to take care of and with whom you have to reconcile. It will allow you to see your body as an ally and evolve positively. And this awareness will bring you to be reasonable with yourself.

2- Do some sport.

You need to do some sport at home in order to get less and less out of breath. It can be walking in your house, in your garden or outside. The sport will quickly increase your breathing capacity and, your body will be able to oxygenate itself better. Be confident and careful. Contact your doctor for advice related to your state of health. And, learn to love yourself as you are because change comes by loving yourself deeply.

As a qualified Nutritionist, I am at your disposal for more personal advice.

3- PROGRESSIVELY adopt new eating habits.

The watchword is : step by step !

  • In front of a blank sheet of paper, try to remember everything you have eaten during the week.
  • Note what time of day you are most hungry.
  • Then, for the next week, commit to changing your breakfast only.
  • Find out what you can replace or add.

For example: In the morning you don’t have time, you eat a chocolate muffin and coffee.

Ask yourself the following question:

What quality food could I add at this time of the day that would be good for my body? Nuts? Fruit?

  • Think about it and add the food in question.

Take it as if you now have a medicine to take every morning before breakfast that will be your fruit or nuts.

  • After one week or two, try to do the same thing for your breakfast.

It is a progressive method that will help you to change your habits little by little. Don’t worry about the scale instead on focus on the quality of your diet.

4- Implement a high quality of food and drink a lot of water.

My point is not to permit you to decrease your calorie intake but to increase the quality of what you eat. Could you work if you don’t have the right tools? No.
It’s the same for the body. Nutrients are its tools. It’s a fondamental tool that allows to your body to function well and also to be able to destroy the fat.

Invest in your diet because you need vitamins to fight the virus in case of an infection. You can eat foods that strengthen the immune system.

Make sure you have a sufficient intake of vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B, Zinc, Omega 3, Selenium because more and more scientific studies are linking vitamins deficiency to recovery time.

5 – Do a check-up to verify that you don’t have any deficiencies or hormonal problems. Then it’s time to get to know yourself.

Be realistic about your goals. Of course, remember that there are many reasons, particularly medical ones, which can cause weight gain like hormonal imbalance. So, to begin this long road to self-love (because it is the main one), go slowly if you decide to do it alone.

Discovering your body is like a love story. You want to know everything about this person, are captivated and, you learn to love every part of his or her being. At this precise moment of love, are you capable of hurting your partner voluntarily? No.

When we learn to understand that there is a world within us, a world of 50 billion cells, that we are unique with our imperfections, it is the beginning of a beautiful love relationship.

If you need to go faster, you have the possibility to be surrounded by a qualified nutritionist who will be able to accompany you deeply towards a healthier life.

I hope you liked this article.

Take care of yourself.
Dounya Adman


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